Winsor & Newton Promarker - Ivory
  • Winsor & Newton Promarker - Ivory

ProMarker pens by Winsor & Newton


Promarker offers alcohol-based streak-free coverage so you can achieve flawless, print-like results. Promarker is twin-tipped: a broad chisel and fine bullet nib, that allow you the freedom to flip easily between shading larger areas and precision detailing. 173 smooth colours loved by graphic designers, illustrators and artists around the world.

Promarker Colour: Ivory

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Each pen is double-ended, with a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for more detailed work. ProMarkers contain alcohol based inks and come in a wide range of colours.

Please see the downloadable colour chart below

ProMarkers produce vivid, bright colours right through to the subtlest pastel shades - the translucent inks can also be overlaid and blended, even further extending the range of shades and hues on offer. ProMarker's quality nibs and inks provide flawless colour lay down with consistent coverage and no unsightly streaking

  • Alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink
  • Multi surface application: use on paper, card, vellum, acetate, glass, wood, metal and plastic
  • Outstanding tone and vibrancy
  • Colours are transparent and can be overlaid to create a variety of tone and shading effects
  • Ideal for illustrators, students and hobbyists
  • Twin tipped allowing for a variety of strokes within one marker

Two Built In Nibs
ProMarkers are twin-tipped, with a fine bullet nib for detailing and a wider, chisel shaped nib for colouring in larger areas. The chisel nib can also provide a further variety of line widths depending on which side is used.

ProMarkers are certified non-toxic and conform to standard ASTM D-423

Alcohol Based Ink
Because ProMarker ink is alcohol based, it can be used on a variety of different surfaces, not just paper and card. ProMarkers can be used on glass, acetate, plastic, ceramic, wood, metal, etc.

Extended Colour Depth 
ProMarker colours have a translucent quality and can be layered to achieve varying depth and opacity. Going over the same spot creates a darker tone of the same colour, enabling a versatile range of shading effects.

High Quality, Dye-Based Colour
The colour dyes used in ProMarkers ensure even colour lay down, with outstanding vibrancy and tonal variation. Unlike ordinary felt tipped pens or low grade markers, ProMarker colour appears perfectly even, with no unsightly streaking.

Fully Blendable 
It's possible to overlay different ProMarker colours to produce new colours and, depending on how wet the ink is, smooth transitions can be achieved. A special ProMarker Blender is available separately - this can be used to soften and merge colours together.

Wide Colour Range
ProMarker offers an extensive palette of 148 colours, ranging from subtle pastels through to bold vibrant hues. The colours provide for a broad range of creative applications, from design and illustration through to comic art and all kinds of craft-based activities.

Kindly note that the labels may say Letraset or may say Winsor as we change over stock to Winsor. They are exactly the same pens made in exactly the same factory. Winsor bought the factory from Letraset in Ashford, Kent.

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  • check_circle Buttercup
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  • check_circle Tulip Yellow
  • check_circle Lemon
  • check_circle Canary
  • check_circle Sunflower
  • check_circle Yellow
  • check_circle Almond
  • check_circle Blush
  • check_circle Shale
  • check_circle Saffron
  • check_circle Vanilla
  • check_circle Pastel Yellow
  • check_circle Mustard
  • check_circle Oatmeal
  • check_circle Apricot
  • check_circle Honeycomb
  • check_circle Gold
  • check_circle Amber
  • check_circle Pumpkin
  • check_circle Ginger
  • check_circle Bright Orange
  • check_circle Burnt Orange
  • check_circle Mandarin
  • check_circle Orange
  • check_circle Spice
  • check_circle Dusky Pink
  • check_circle Putty
  • check_circle Satin
  • check_circle Slate
  • check_circle Sunkissed Pink
  • check_circle Coral
  • check_circle Soft Peach
  • check_circle Peach
  • check_circle Mango
  • check_circle Pastel Pink
  • check_circle Cocktail Pink
  • check_circle Salmon Pink
  • check_circle Antique Pink
  • check_circle Lipstick Red
  • check_circle Red
  • check_circle Berry Red
  • check_circle Ruby
  • check_circle Poppy
  • check_circle Crimson
  • check_circle Cardinal Red
  • check_circle Burgundy
  • check_circle Maroon
  • check_circle Blossom
  • check_circle Pale Pink
  • check_circle Baby Pink
  • check_circle Rose Pink
  • check_circle Cerise
  • check_circle Hot Pink
  • check_circle Magenta
  • check_circle Carmine
  • check_circle Caramel
  • check_circle Dusky Rose
  • check_circle Pink Carnation
  • check_circle Fuchsia Pink
  • check_circle Amethyst
  • check_circle Violet
  • check_circle Purple
  • check_circle Mulberry
  • check_circle Plum
  • check_circle Aubergine
  • check_circle Lavender
  • check_circle Orchid
  • check_circle Lilac
  • check_circle Bluebell
  • check_circle Prussian
  • check_circle Blue Pearl
  • check_circle Cornflower
  • check_circle Cobalt Blue
  • check_circle China Blue
  • check_circle Midnight Blue
  • check_circle Indigo Blue
  • check_circle Royal Blue
  • check_circle True Blue
  • check_circle Azure
  • check_circle Sky Blue
  • check_circle Cyan
  • check_circle Pastel Blue
  • check_circle Powder Blue
  • check_circle Arctic Blue
  • check_circle Denim Blue
  • check_circle French Navy
  • check_circle Cool Aqua
  • check_circle Duck Egg
  • check_circle Turquoise
  • check_circle Marine
  • check_circle Petrol Blue
  • check_circle Holly
  • check_circle Pine
  • check_circle Emerald
  • check_circle Green
  • check_circle Grass
  • check_circle Lush Green
  • check_circle Pastel Green
  • check_circle Lime Zest
  • check_circle Soft Green
  • check_circle Lime Green
  • check_circle Mint Green
  • check_circle Forest Green
  • check_circle Tea Green
  • check_circle Grey Green
  • check_circle Meadow Green
  • check_circle Apple
  • check_circle Leaf Green
  • check_circle Bright Green
  • check_circle Pear Green
  • check_circle Marsh Green
  • check_circle Olive Green
  • check_circle Moss
  • check_circle Pastel Beige
  • check_circle Khaki
  • check_circle Sandstone
  • check_circle Cocoa
  • check_circle Umber
  • check_circle Cinnamon
  • check_circle Raw Sienna
  • check_circle Tan
  • check_circle Terracotta
  • check_circle Burnt Umber
  • check_circle Chestnut
  • check_circle Henna
  • check_circle Walnut
  • check_circle Burnt Sienna
  • check_circle Warm Grey 1
  • check_circle Warm Grey 2
  • check_circle Warm Grey 3
  • check_circle Warm Grey 4
  • check_circle Warm Grey 5
  • check_circle Ice Grey 1
  • check_circle Ice Grey 2
  • check_circle Ice Grey 3
  • check_circle Ice Grey 4
  • check_circle Ice Grey 5
  • check_circle Cool Grey 1
  • check_circle Cool Grey 2
  • check_circle Cool Grey 3
  • check_circle Cool Grey 4
  • check_circle Cool Grey 5
  • check_circle Black
  • check_circle Blender
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